How does «» work?

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How does «» work?

«» is a long time survey to explore names of colours depending on sex, medium, timestamp and place. First, I wanted to give a fix list of some names and ask the internet community what is the RGB-Value. So I wanted to program a colour-wheel. It would have given a more precise answer to «what is pink». On the other hand, I would never have used all the thousands of names of colours, which are around.

Free selection of names

So, we decided to choose a random colour out of the rgb-cube using a random value for each of the colours RED, GREEN and BLUE. Every subject (propositus) has to «invent» its own names. So, names like «strawberry green» (colour of strawberry leafs) are possible.


We register for each nomination the colour (RGB), the name, its language, the type of the retina (female, male, colour blind), timestamp and ip-address. The IP-Address has no matter of moment; it could be used to find out the region, to which the naming belongs (the IP-address is not used for any other purpose). Using these attributes, it can be possible to assign a name of a colour to a given sex, time and/or region.


Our eyes are very sensible for green and red. So our eyes are also very sensitive to yellow (as addition of green and red). Unfortunately «yellow» makes only a very small angle in the rgb-colour wheel. So I stretched the wheel in the yellow part at bit, that there are more random positions in the «yellow» region.


The statistics only show names, that have been mentioned more than 3 times. All other colour-names are ignored by the «nearest colour statistics».

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